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Wholesale Offer for SCUBA Professionals from Gogh Jewelry Design

My name is Szilvia Gogh, I’m a PADI Course Director in Southern California, as well as a jewelry designer.  After logging more than 5,000 dives on six continents and certifying 1,000 plus divers, I’ve seen firsthand the pride divers experience when they earn their C card.  Shortly after, they begin purchasing dive stickers for their cars, scuba T-shirts, hats and other gear to proudly announce their accomplishment and proclaim, “I am a scuba diver!”

sand of beach caribbean sea
sand of beach caribbean sea

With that in mind, I created an entire line of jewelry exclusively for the scuba divers who consider your dive shop, their dive shop.  Each piece is hand-made with beads and precious stones I’ve acquired from my scuba travels around the world.

Men and women divers alike will be delighted to proudly wear a piece of jewelry that starts a conversation about diving, because if divers aren’t actually diving, they love to talk about diving!  According to PADI statistics, 35% of all divers certified in 2014 were women; and that number continues to grow every year.

Having something for everyone in your dive shop is crucial to your bottom line.  Just in time for the Holidays, I’m offering wholesale scuba and ocean-inspired jewelry to compliment your inventory and cater to your customers.

I offer 50% off retail pricing to wholesale partners. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner, I would be happy to work with you to select the perfect items from my collection based on your retail needs and clientele.

To browse my entire product line, go to

At checkout, enter the coupon code WHOLESALE to receive 50% off retail pricing from the entire collection.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $200 or more, and the minimum order is 10 pieces.

AS A BONUS, with a 20-piece order, you will receive a FREE wood and glass countertop display!

I look forward to a successful working relationship and should you have any questions, please contact me directly at 323-250-6925 or

Very warmest regards,
Szilvia Gogh
Owner / Designer
Gogh Jewelry Design