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Mark Young’s recommendation for Jerry Beaty for the DEMA board

Dear Industry Colleagues,

Voting starts this week, and I would like to give you my endorsement for Jerry Beaty to serve on the DEMA board.

When I first met Jerry he was the South Central representative for a number of diving manufacturers, and with his wife Shawn ran a travel company that specialized in group travel for diving’s retailers. I was impressed by how much Jerry was respected by the companies and retailers that he served, and when Jerry offered to sell his businesses to join Dive Training and Dive Center Business, my decision was easy. He committed to work with me for five years. Now 20 years later

Everyone knows Jerry’s passion for the industry, but I have a unique perspective. You truly get to know a person when you work with him for a long time, and having observed Jerry through every sort of business and personal situation, I have never seen a negative side to him. He has the energy of three people, a high degree of ethics, a positive outlook, strong belief in the industry, and he is as tuned into the diving business as anyone. Jerry is the real deal.

On a personal note, I have no illusion that Jerry on the DEMA board will have any benefit to our business, and don’t care about that. Jerry wants to serve and the diving business would do well to have him on the board of directors. Although he will be representing media, as all board members do he will be working for the good of the entire industry. And the different roles that Jerry has played in his career — understanding the connections of retail, manufacturing and travel — have given him a rounded perspective that will work for the good of all.

Finally, Jerry is an independent thinker and will speak his mind on the board with conviction and respect.

Please vote in the election and when you do, consider Jerry for the seat.

Thank you, and have a peaceful and happy holiday season.

Mark Young


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