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Utila Dive Centre Unveils GoMEDIA and GoECO Programs

Utila Dive Centre is pleased to announce our two new development programs – GoMEDIA and GoECO!

At UDC, we’re passionate about the marine environment. As divers, we are ambassadors of the aquatic realm and it is our duty to advocate for marine conservation awareness. With that in mind, we developed the GoECO program. The program presents you an in-depth study of the underwater environment, the obstacles it faces now and in the future and the ways that you can have a positive impact. The course includes PADI Aware and Distinctive Specialty certifications, training in reef monitoring surveys as well as participation in lectures on local marine species and underwater/beach clean-ups. The GoECO program can be conducted in conjunction with our PADI Divemaster and Instructor Internships (edited) at UDC as well.

In addition to the GoECO program, Utila Dive Centre also offers a new and incredible opportunity for you to dive into the world of underwater photography and film production. We developed the GoMEDIA program that allows you to develop the skills needed to shoot professional-grade photography and video in some of Utila’s most stunning dive sitse accompanied by diverse wildlife and under the guidance of the highest standard of professional instruction. Whether you are just starting to take photos or videos underwater, or an already experienced photographer looking to take your content to the next level and capture professional-grade photos and video, the GoMEDIA program has either a 1 or 2 week long intensive course that works for you.

If you want to discover and explore the underwater world and learn how you can contribute to its conservation, or if you want to develop the skills needed to capture incredible moments on photo and video underwater then you can learn more about our GoECO and GoMEDIA programs by visiting our website or contacting us directly at info@utiladivecentre.com