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Underwater Photography Modeling Workshop with Miss Scuba UK Models in Red Sea

Over the years, well-known underwater photographer Stuart Philpott has become highly skilled at taking picture compositions featuring underwater models, either in the foreground, as the main subject for a front cover portrait, or placed somewhere in the frame to add perspective for a wide angle scenic composition. His work has been featured in a variety of international scuba diving publications and websites.

Stuart has used his experience to design a 5-day workshop that completely focuses on the art of using models in underwater photography. He has compiled a series of presentations that will give photographers a unique insight into how to take underwater photo’s using models in a variety of different composures and settings. Stuart will discuss how to set up the best compositions, the pitfalls he has encountered and useful tips he has learnt throughout the years. This will be accompanied by daily practical sessions at local shore diving sites, day boat diving and inflatable excursions.

Femininity is a key feature when selling and promoting magazines, so we have invited 4 top Miss Scuba UK underwater models to accompany us during the week-long course. Please note this is not a glamour shoot. The idea is to use the models to compliment and enhance underwater compositions.

The plan is to practice new skills and pick up ideas from the group as well as being prempted by Stuart. There will be daily image reviews with plenty of constructive critique and friendly banter.

The schedule includes a freshwater swimming pool session using bubble curtains, different lighting effects, different colour kit set ups etc. There will also a wreck photography day and a trip to the famous Anemone city for some creative marine life/model compositions. Throughout the week models will be using scuba, snorkelling gear, scooters, a variety of kit configurations as well as different swimsuits and wetsuits. Initially photographers will work and dive as pairs to refine their skills before spending some quality time with the Miss Scuba UK models.

To get the best results participating photographers should be equipped with their own camera, strobes or some form of external lighting, wide angle lenses and a laptop computer to download images and do some basic picture editing. Cameras can be compacts, housed mirrorless or DSLR’s.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a very special modelling workshop hosted by one of the UK’s leading underwater photographer/journalists plus the added bonus of 4 Miss Scuba models to photograph. Anybody wishing to attend must provide a brief summary of their photography experience, including camera equipment they are using.