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Turquoise Bay hosts Cocktail Hour Photo/Video Seminars

During the first week of May, Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort once again became the center for photo/video teaching and training in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Helena Scuba of Helena, Montana, USA came for a shop sponsored dive trip focusing on underwater photography and videography.

Helena Scuba planned the trip to include professional underwater photographer and teacher, Sandy Sondrol.  Sandy is well known to the resort and dive staff of Turquoise Bay as one of the photo pros for our very first Roatan Underwater Photo Festivals.

Turquoise Bay and its onsite dive operation Subway Watersports, was proud and pleased to help Sandy introduce a new concept in the way he teaches, called, “Cocktail Hour Seminars.”  Every evening, from 5:30 to 7:00 he shared ideas and approaches to shooting underwater with the group, including: composition, shooting with ambient light, adding flashes, strobes and video lights, shooting fast moving creatures, wide angle, close-ups, macro, night shots and how to protect the reef and still get the shot.

Participants were invited to stop by the bar and bring their beverages of choice along to the seminars, creating a more relaxed atmosphere for the learning part of their dive vacations.  Turquoise Bay was pleased to provide bar snacks for the seminar room to add even more to the relaxed learning atmosphere.

Among the 13 participants in the Helena Scuba trip were people from Montana, Washington State and Florida.  The mix of cameras included 7 Point & Shoot cameras, 5 GoPro Video cameras and one SLR.

Two of the dive/photo experiences arranged by Helena Scuba were a shark dive and a dolphin dive to give participants a chance to capture photos of these beautiful creatures.

Turquoise Bay was also honored to help the group “pay it forward” to one of our local elementary schools.  They visited the school and discovered that the class rooms were in need of many more school desk chairs than were available.  Through the course of the week, the Helena Scuba divers were able to purchase and deliver 35 desks the school.  (We will give you much more of this story in the coming weeks).

Here’s what some of our guests had to say about the seminar:

“Thank you Sandy for showing me the way to get the best pictures, and making it so easy to understand.  I can’t wait until my next dive trip to arrive, you made taking pictures underwater so much fun!”  Kim G.  Billings, Montana

“If you have a GoPro, a Point & Shoot or a SLR you will have a blast with this course.”, Lauren B. Jacksonville, Florida

“Besides Sandy’s knowledge of photography, I appreciate his dedication to the reefs and sea life he showed us how to get great close up photos without touching or harming anything.”  Pat H.  Helena, Montana