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Trident Releases 2018 Catalog featuring the Latest Scuba Diving Products

Trident Diving Equipment has been in business for over 30 years, distributing and manufacturing a vast variety of diving and diving related accessories. We are the largest company of our kind in the industry, with a catalog containing over 5500 items over 436 pages, and our customer service is second to none.


Trident manufactures over 40% of our water sport products and distribute for many large and small companies both in and out of the SCUBA diving industry. We are a wholesale dealer only, so we will never be in competition with our customers. We are here for you.

We stock most every item in our 20,000 sq./ft. warehouse in the Los Angeles area of California. As a dive retailer, you will find our products to be exciting additions to sell in your stores, Trident products are the definitive add-on sale, and an easy way to increase your profits.

If you are not yet a Trident dealer, contact us at 800-234-3483, or email us at; if you are already a dealer, take a look at our dealers webpage at, where we have our online flip open catalog, dealer specials, and ‘Garage Sale’ items, as well as downloadable price list and catalog & price list updates.