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The Diver’s Answer to Jaw Fatigue and Headaches

Breathing from a regulator at 50 feet for 45 minutes or more on a repetitive basis is not a natural act.  Truth is many divers suffer from jaw fatigue, headaches, aching facial muscles or worse.  Over time, divers may become accustom or learn to live with the discomfort that can come from clamping down on a regulator mouthpiece.  For many newer divers, it is this type of suffering that can cause them to not enjoy or even quit diving.  New research shows poor mouthpieces cause jaw pain and damage in 41% of previously pain free divers! Good news: there is an answer.

Conventional scuba mouthpieces currently on the market all employ bite lugs which involve only the front teeth and must therefore use the front of the jaw to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit during diving. In addition, all conventional mouthpieces use an extremely flexible material to adjust to all the various configurations of teeth and jaws required by the “one-size-fits-all” concept which, today dominate the Scuba market.

However, quite a few savvy dive instructors and dive shops are currently recommending moldable mouthpieces to their divers. The moldable mouthpiece bellwether being the Seacure Custom Mouthpiece.

Seacure Mouthpiece, being moldable, cannot only perfectly fit every individual mouth but can actually enter the mouth all the way to the rear of the jaw employing all of the diver’s teeth. The result is that the large rear teeth and tremendous mechanical advantage of the back of the jaw can now be employed to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit during diving, greatly reducing the required muscle effort. In addition, because the Seacure mouthpiece has to fit only one mouth, it can be constructed in a much sturdier design allowing transfer of the regulator/hose load to the rear of the jaw. Because it is not as flexible as conventional mouthpieces, SeaCure greatly reduces gum abrasion.

The significant reduction in muscle effort required to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit while diving has been confirmed with electromyographic tests. Test data are available which indicate a reduction of muscle effort in the range of 33% to 59% depending upon the individual diver.

The Seacure Custom Mouthpiece molding process is quick, simple and guaranteed to fit.  Why the guarantee, because your might is the mold.  Completely customizable to the individual.  Perhaps, over time your bite changes?  That’s OK. The SeaCure Mouthpiece can be remolded, just as quickly.

It’s not always about pain.  Sometimes, just added comfort.  If you are someone who seems to “clamp down” on their regulator when diving, this can ease that instinct and make diving a more pleasurable experience.

The Seacure Custom Mouthpiece works with sidemount, technical and rebreather divers too.  Why wouldn’t the most sophisticated and equipment intense divers in the industry want to use the world’s best mouthpiece?  There is no better option than the SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece for those long, deep deco dives.

Over 1,500 retail stores/dive shops in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean are dealers for the SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece.  Don’t accept an imitation when it comes to your health and well-being while Scuba diving. THE ULTIMATE DIVING MOUTHPIECE – THE RESULT OF 20 YEARS in the moldable mouthpiece business!  SeaCure was created by an orthodontist, is guaranteed to fit YOU – PERFECTLY and is the only moldable “and remoldable” mouthpiece offset for both the upper and lower jaw positions.  For more information, go to