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Stuart Cove’s LAST MAN DIVING Takes Irreverent and Funny Look at the World of Diving

If you’re a fan of the TV series “Last Man Standing, then you’ll love Stuart Cove’s “Last Man Diving”, a new and hilarious spoof on Tim Allen’s end-of-show rants. Each “episode” of Last Man Diving features internationally-renowned shark wrangler and Bahamas dive operator Stuart Cove, who highlights everything that is right and wrong in the world of scuba diving. With more than 40 years in the dive industry, he’s been around long enough to have seen it all and he blends his humor with painful honesty.

Taking his cue from Tim Allen’s character Mike Baxter, Cove’s over-the-top diatribe is pure entertainment as he bemoans the “good ol’ days” of diving when men wore farmer johns and women wore string bikinis. He takes on the sensationalistic media for scaring people out of the water every time there is a “shark attack” or a shark-themed horror movie is released and stands proudly behind his slogan “Feed Sharks Don’t Eat Them”. In another episode, he faults the media (again!) for driving away all of his business every time a hurricane or “tropical sun shower” (as he calls it) appears on the horizon. Having experienced the destruction of hurricanes up close and personal in the Bahamas on more than one occasion makes his irreverent tirade laugh-worthy.

The videos are not all sting. Along with the bombast, Cove makes some important and informative points worth noting, especially about his pet passion, sharks who he maintains are highly misunderstood by those who have never encountered them face to snout. He also closes each episode with a special promotion to encourage divers to get wet.

The series will feature videos on different topics. To view the current video and special promotions mentioned in each episode and for booking and additional information, go to www.lastmandiving.com