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Stuart Cove’s Last Man Diving Releases Season Finale “The Truth About Sharks”

Just as you’re getting psyched for the spine-tingling, blood-pressure-raising, terror of Shark Week next month, Last Man Diving’s final episode of the season sets the record straight about the ocean predators we love to hate or, in many cases, love.

In “The Truth About Sharks”, Last Man Diving’s star and internationally notorious shark wrangler, Stuart Cove, lashes out at the media and movie moguls who spread vicious “fake news” about sharks, driving people out of the water in panic and promoting conspiracy theories that unfairly malign these large, toothy creatures. Cove’s solution? Dive in with them! According to Cove who has certainly put in the hours with his resident sharks, they’re not the man-eating monsters as the movies portray them. Divers draped with all their gear, gadgets and equipment aren’t particularly appetizing to them. In fact, attacks are rare, especially in comparison to other more dangerous threats to humans, some of which will surprise you.

While his rant remains hilariously “a la Cove”, his message is a serious one, promoting protection, conservation and education about sharks as well as the critical role they play in the oceans’ ecosystem. The moral of The Truth About Sharks – “Feed Sharks. Don’t Eat Them”. And, whether you love sharks or not, you’ll eat up a host of very funning one-liners delivered with a heavy dose of attitude.

If you missed any of the past episodes or feel an inexplicable urge to watch any of them again, you can find them at www.lastmandiving.com. These days, sometimes you just need a good laugh! You can also sign up for our newsletter and find out when the next new episode is online.