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Stuart Cove’s Last Man Diving Releases New “InnerSpace” Episode

If you’re curious as to who would win in a head to head competition between your smartphone and the ocean, don’t put your money on the smartphone. In the newest episode of Last Man Diving, “Innerspace”, Stuart Cove takes a direct shot at the youthful smartphone-addicted population. He unabashedly shames them for spending their lives focused on their tiny 4-inch screens playing virtual reality games when they could be playing one of the best “reality” reality games in the world with a mind-blowing full 360 view. (Hint: it involves exploration of an alien world and features real life-size 3-D creatures!)

So squint at that small screen just one more time to watch “Innerspace” and then get your “butt off the couch” and come hang out with a real shark! And bring your junior aquanauts with you. They dive free all summer!

Watch this episode and our current promo at www.lastmandiving.com. If you missed the March “Off the Wall” episode of Last Man Diving, you can also watch this episode, catch up on past episodes and find some more great dive promotions at www.lastmandiving.com.