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Stuart Cove’s Last Man Diving Releases New “Good Old Days” Episode

To usher in the New Year, Stuart Cove’s latest Last Man Diving episode takes a very funny look back at the nostalgic “Good Old Days when “men wore farmer john’s and ladies wore strings” and your not-so-reliable “J-valve” added a touch of suspense to your dive. While he begrudgingly acknowledges the benefits of all the “safety gadgets” we hook onto our BC’s nowadays, he bemoans the loss of the excitement that was an integral part of launching yourself off a boat into the ocean deep …and he wants to bring it back. Just for the thrill of it, the episode features a special dive promotion that will accomplish just that and promise divers a high adrenaline adventure…or three or four!

If you missed the December episode in which the inimitable Stuart Cove (who imitates Tim Allen in his Last Man Standing TV show) explains the inspiration for his video series and tackles the topic of gun control with a hilarious diatribe and a surprising twist, you can also watch this episode, catch up on past episodes and find some great dive promotions at www.lastmandiving.com. For everyone battling frigid temperatures in the northern climes, please come visit us. We have sunshine, tropical temperatures, and water you can dive in without risking hypothermia. If not, watch Last Man Diving. It’s bound to thaw you out.