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Stuart Cove’s Last Man Diving Releases New “DEMA Dive Gear” Episode

Straight from the expo floor at the 2017 DEMA Show, Stuart Cove’s latest Last Man Diving episode explores some of the more mind-boggling high-tech scuba gear on display this year. He unabashedly shares his good-humored impression of everything from 3D cameras that look like mini-UFO’s to virtual reality glasses that bring a shark encounter into your living room to masks that are, well, “too damn complicated” not to mention the eye-popping price tags of all these new-fangled gizmos.

Ultimately, he does find some gear whose functions he can understand – a low-tech snorkel and a string bikini. His advice? Forget the gear and just enjoy the diving. At Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, they’ll supply you with all you really need – sunshine, warm temperatures, gin-clear water, some very cool marine life and all the walls, reefs and wrecks you can handle. You also rent gear like masks, fins, BCDs and regulators. Just take advantage of the “DEMA Dive Gear” promotion offered in the episode and dive in. It’s pretty uncomplicated.

Watch this episode of Last Man Diving at www.lastmandiving.com. If you missed the January episode in which Stuart Cove waxes nostalgic for the “Good Old Days” of diving, you can also catch up on past episodes and find some great dive promotions.