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Stuart Cove reports his Nassau-based dive operation, Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, is fully operational and open for business. The dive facilities are located on the southwest coast of New Providence Island which was not impacted by Hurricane Irma.

“We are extremely fortunate to be in a part of the Bahamas that lay to the east of Hurricane Irma’s path so we escaped the damage that several of our neighbors experienced,” said Cove. “While we’re grateful that Irma chose to spare us, we know first-hand what it’s like to experience the wrath and destruction of a powerful storm.  I speak for everyone at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas when I say that our hearts go out to everyone, especially all of our friends and colleagues, on the islands to the south of us who are now left to recover from this devastating storm.“

Cove notes that all activities in Nassau and the surrounding island are up and running. “The sun is shining here”, Cove noted, adding, “The seas are clear and our dive boats went out as usual this morning to explore the reefs and walls.”

The reservations office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida sustained no damage with exception of internet and power outages. Until power and communications are restored, divers who wish to make reservations at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas are asked to book online at www.stuartcove.com or call the Bahamas office at 242-362-4171 for information. They will release an update as soon as the office is fully operational and can assist callers by telephone and email.