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Stream2Sea’s Eco-Conscious Message Generates Media Attention; Andy Olday Named National Sales Manager-Dive Channel

With the summer season fast approaching, it’s not surprising that Stream2Sea,one of the fastest growing eco-conscious companies in the world, has been featured in a wide range of international media publications talking about the need for environmentally-friendly sunscreen and personal care products. Stream2Sea’s President Autumn Blum has recently been interviewed with the product line featured in high-profile publications that include VOGUE, SELF and Conde Nast Traveler.

The publications are diverse, but the message is consistent – it’s never been more important to use products that do not harm the marine eco-systems. More and more, the obvious choice is Stream2Sea.

“Divers understand the need to protect the oceans and waterways they enjoy and explore,” Blum points out. “Stream2Sea is quickly becoming the product of choice for divers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. We are pleased the international media recognizes this fact and is including Stream2Sea in its articles about safe sunscreen choices.”

Stream2Sea offers the only mineral based sunscreen that has passed rigorous safety testing including species such as microscopic C elegans, freshwater fish, salt water fish and coral larvae.  Using a mineral sunscreen requires a little more effort to apply properly, but according to Blum, “The advantages are worth it! A little bit goes a long way, it will never burn your eyes and is very water resistant.  And you can feel good knowing you are using a product that is not only safe for you, but safe for our waters.”

To capitalize on the momentum being generated by these articles, Blum announced that Stream2Sea has hired Andy Olday as National Sales Manager-Dive Channel. A well-known resident from Key West, Florida, Olday is the NAUI South Florida Regional Manager and has built an extensive contact network throughout the scuba diving industry.

“The potential for a mutually-beneficial partnership between Stream2Sea and scuba diving retailers across the country is incredible,” Olday points out. “Divers are asking for environmentally-friendly products and Stream2Sea delivers in a big way. We have made it easy for retailers to get involved with Stream2Sea without a major initial investment.”

Stream2Sea has one of the most comprehensive websites in the industry, Olday adds. He encouraged interested dive professionals and retailers to look into articles that include Stream2Sea product testing, an overview of Ocean and Coral Reef-safe sunscreens, how Stream2Sea interacts with YOUR BODY and many others. There is also a complete VIDEO LIBRARY available for website visitors.

For more information and to learn how you can add Stream2Sea to your retail operation, email Olady at or call 866 960-9513.