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Stream2Sea, VIP Diving Help Bonaire Look to the Future Through Eco-Conscious Sunscreen Educational Initiative

The concept of sunscreen is not a new one. The concept of “coral-friendly sunscreen” is not only relatively new, but it’s also vital to the continued health of marine environments worldwide. For popular diving destinations like Bonaire, protecting the natural resources is crucial to establishing the sustainability of the island and its culture.

Recently the entire staff at VIP Diving, one of the leading dive operators on Bonaire, attended an informational session held by Autumn Blum, founder of the Stream2Sea company. The topic? How using eco-friendly sunscreen can protect Bonaire’s coral and marine environment now and in the future.

By offering dive guests Stream2Sea products, the staff at VIP Diving are helping to implement the three pillars of sustainability that VIP Diving Founder Bas Noij has established to help direct the company’s future. The three pillars, Environment, Nature and Culture, work in unison as a guide to how the business operates.

“We were pleased to discover Stream2Sea,” Noij explains. “Their mission to protect the environment through education is very consistent with our “Nature” pillar. We don’t want to be putting harmful chemicals into our environment. Through our session with Autumn, we learned about mineral-based sunscreens and how using them can help protect divers from the sun without causing damage to the marine environment. Adding the line to our store was an easy decision.”

Stream2Sea produces a full-line of sunscreen and skincare products, ALL consciously formulated without any ingredients known or suspected to harm the environment. According to Blum, “Most sunscreens include the chemical filters Oxybenzone or Avobenzone. Extensive research has shown Oxybenzone can literally destroy coral reefs in minute concentrations. NONE of our products include Oxybenzone, parabens or other chemical ingredients that can harm marine environments.”

She encourages divers and other marine enthusiasts to check the labels of their sunscreen products and make sure that it does not contain Oxybenzone.

Blum applauded VIP Diving for the operation’s commitment to the environment. “As a diver and conscious consumer, I was impressed with the level of environmental care Bas and VIP Diving have put into their operation.  If an operation is looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, they should look to VIP Diving as an example.” She adds, “I am excited to partner with VIP Diving to further support both our missions to preserve, protect and educate for the health of our coral reefs.”

VIP Diving is the number one rated scuba diving company on the island of Bonaire according to TripAdvisor. The company was one of the first on Bonaire to offer Stream2Sea products. VIP Diving staff will provide samples and testimonials about Stream2Sea products to customers on a daily basis, helping to further the education of their scuba diving guests. For more details about VIP Diving, visit the company’s website.

Stream2Sea continues to be the leader in eco-conscious products available in the recreational scuba diving community. The company’s website provides full research studies, product information and instructional videos.