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Stream2Sea Supports Hawaiian Legislative Efforts to Protect Ocean Environment by Banning Sale of Sunscreen Products with Oxybenzone

As part of worldwide efforts to preserve and protect the aquatic environment, Stream2Sea is pleased to announce the company’s support of a series of Hawaii state measures that would prohibit the sale of any sunscreen product containing harmful chemicals including Oxybenzone, found in some brands of sunscreen.

According to Autumn Blum, President and Formulator of Stream2Sea, “The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources has requested ocean-goers avoid the use of sunscreens containing oxybenzone, octinoxate and homosalate, as each has been shown to have a negative impact on marine life and corals. There are currently three active bills in the Hawaii Legislature (HB600 HD1, HB818 HD2 and SB1150 SD1O) that address the issue of Oxybenzene. These crucial pieces of legislation need public support to move forward.”

Stream2Sea has prepared an informational video (see below) and shares a DETAILED PRIMER for divers and members of the aquatic community to use in helping to take action to protect the coral reefs and ocean life in the Hawaiian Islands.

Unlike other brands of sunscreen being marketed for use in the water, Stream2Sea does NOT contain oxybenzone, or other chemicals suspected of harming the waters. Unfortunately, certain ingredients in sunscreens are toxic to corals and reef fishes. Studies have shown that sunscreens worn by swimmers, divers, snorkelers, fishermen and general “aquaholics” contributed to the decline of coral reefs. Between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of sunscreen washes off into our coral reefs every year and accelerates the process of coral reefs bleaching, as well being toxic to certain reef fish species.

Blum and her international sales team have been working hard to educate the recreational scuba diving community, along with other outdoor industries about the Stream2Sea line. Extensive testing results, available online, provide strong evidence about the need for environmentally friendly sunscreen and body care products.