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Stream2Sea speaks at Blue Vision Summit 2017 – Bringing awareness and understanding to protect our waters, coral reefs and marine life

Stream2Sea was proud to participate in the Blue Vision Summit in Washington, DC.  The biennial week-long event brings together educators, marine biologists, ocean conservationists and companies focused on environmental protection and conservation efforts.  The concerted work of Blue Frontier and the Colorado Water Coalition provided seminars, panel boards, lecture series and independent film screenings from to over 500 attendees as well as organized a Capitol Hill day with legislators.

Stream2Sea, whose focus is on providing biodegradable, eco-conscious, tested and proven coral reef-safe sun and body care products, was honored to have their Director of Marketing and Consumer Outreach, Heather Lahey-Jeffries, as a speaker on the Sunscreen, Coral and Water Panel.  Jeffries spoke alongside Dr. Craig Downs, Executive Director of Haereticus Environmental Laboratory and Joseph DiNardo, VP and Chief Scientific Officer of Priori. Another prominent speaker during the Blue Vision Summit was PADI President and CEO Drew Richardson.

Jeffries was invited to speak on the discussion panel due to her background in engineering working with water treatment plants, power plants, and public water as well as an environmental writer regarding oil spills and water toxicology.  The panel’s discussion focused on sunscreen and the ingredients in personal care products as they impact coral reefs, fresh and salt water marine life, water pollution and human health.  Information ranged from the inability to properly filter these harmful chemicals from our waters, explanations of the effects they have on our oceans and personal health, the long-term effects they hold for our environment as well as suggestions for how to make a change.

During the panel discussion Ms. Jeffries stated, “We are all, as individual consumers, responsible for knowing the ingredients that are in the products we purchase.  We should have at least a base understanding of how ingredients affect our health and the world around us.  Every day, we impact the ocean through pollution from water run-offs, tourism, water-activities, debris and dumping.  Yes, we want to save it because it’s beautiful, but the ocean is a primary component to life on Earth.  Consider this – The ocean attributes for 70% of the oxygen on Earth, a fact most people do not realize.  If the ocean cannot survive us, then we cannot survive Earth, but it is something we can change starting today through knowledge, awareness and understanding.”

Stream2Sea has set a new standard for EcoConscious sunscreen and skincare. Along with standard human safety and SPF tests, Stream2Sea is currently the only mineral-based sun care company that has tested and be proven safe down to C.elegans and coral larvae.  It is also proven to be biodegradable in both salt and fresh water.  Formulated with powerful antioxidant blends and certified non-nano titanium dioxide to protect skin from sun damage.  The product line includes sunscreens, conditioning shampoo and body wash, leave-in conditioner, nourishing body lotion and lip balms. Stream2Sea products are currently available online at or ask for them at your favorite health food store, dive shop or outdoor retailer.

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