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SingleDivers.com Partners with Stream2Sea to Educate Divers about the Benefits of Eco-Conscious Travel

SingleDivers.com, one of the largest providers of quality scuba diving vacations for single and buddy-less divers, has announced that the company will begin working with Stream2Sea to provide every SingleDivers.com traveler with a supply of environmentally-safe sunscreens and skincare products.

According to SingleDivers.com President Kamala Shadduck, each year hundreds of dive travelers explore various aquatic destinations with SingleDivers.com and there is a natural opportunity to educate them about the need to use eco-conscious products, like those offered by Stream2Sea, the acknowledged leader in the development of eco-conscious sunscreens and skincare products.

“Part of what we do with SingleDivers.com is find ways to ‘give-back’ to the places where we dive and enjoy the local environments,” Shadduck points out. “It is important for every diver to understand the negative effects some products have on coral reefs and the aquatic realm. Stream2Sea has taken a pro-active and scientifically-proven approach to developing products that are safe for divers and the aquatic areas they explore. We’re pleased to offer every SingleDivers.com traveler a Stream2Sea “REEF SENTINEL” kit as part of their package.”

Stream2Sea Reef Sentinel Kit

The REEF SENTINEL kit includes Stream2Sea SPF 20/30 sunscreen, sting-gel, leave-in conditioner, and conditioning shampoo and bodywash. In addition, each kit contains educational material outlining “ingredients to avoid” and how to best use the mineral-based Stream2Sea sunscreen.

“This is a natural partnership that extends far beyond a simple dive trip. We’re providing knowledge and information that divers can use not just on their next SingleDivers.com trip, but every time they get in the water,” explains Autumn Blum, President of Stream2Sea. “The unique part of working with SingleDivers.com is that we’re putting eco-conscious products into the hands of divers BEFORE they leave on their trip. This eliminates the challenge of divers having to ‘hunt’ for Stream2Sea products in remote locations that might not have access to Stream2Sea.”

Blum said this pilot program is currently being evaluated for expansion throughout the scuba diving and travel industries.

SingleDivers.com offers a full slate of scuba diving vacation packages throughout the world each year. By working with single and “buddyless” divers, the company offers a way for dive travelers to avoid costly “single supplements” while still enjoying a quality scuba diving adventures with like-minded dive enthusiasts.

For more details on the Stream2Sea product line, visit the website – www.Stream2Sea.com

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