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SingleDivers.com Announces CUBA Trip for October

“When you mention Cuba you think of Cuban Coffee and Cigars…but NOW you should think of DIVING!!! ” Or so says Kamala Shadduck founder of SingleDivers.com.  “Cuba evokes so many idealistic thoughts including the vintage cars and colorful homes, the original Sloppy Jo’s, Hemingway and JFK.  It is essentially a portal back in time. sd.COM cubaBut now it evokes thoughts of pristine diving and seeing her underwater world before it is irrevocably changed by the tsunami of commercial investment and commerce about ready to hit the island” says Shadduck.

And CUBA IS HOT!!!  The cruise ships have started arriving this month, the president just completed a visit and even the Kardashian’s have splashed across the news joining many other ‘rich and famous’ jumping on the Cuba bandwagon.

Cuba bldgs and carsSo its time for diver’s to stake their claim and enjoy this new diving frontier while its new and edgy and unspoiled.  But not to be outdone by the non-diving ‘rich and famous’, the dive industry’s very own ‘fish and infamous’ Pup the Scuba Cowboy is joining the inaugural trip of SingleDivers.com  to Cuba Oct 8-14, 2016.  Spaces are limited to 14 divers and a few spots still remain open. There is even a special FAM rate for dive shop owners offered by SingleDivers.com who wish to “see Cuba” before running their own trip.

So join Pup the Scuba Cowboy, the crew of the MV Spree and SingleDivers.com in aTRIP OF A  LIFETIME ! Come on…you know you want too! 😉

About SingleDivers.com:

SingleDivers.com is NOT a Dating Site but rather is a Group Travel & Buddy Site with over 10,000 members from all over the world. Running 15-18 trips a year for the past 12 years, the “dive club on steroids” has a unique solo and buddy travel solution that also enables SingleDivers.com to aid dive shops and instructors wishing to simplify and streamline their travel offerings. Contact us for more information on FAM opportunities, booking opportunities and group travel via info@singledivers.com.

About Pup the Scuba Cowboy:

The Scuba Cowboy, an Americana, country, reggae, rock, rockabilly, songwriter, world artist from Peyton, CO. All original Trop-Rock, Country and Scubaribbean music.

About MV Spree:  

The MV Spree offers charter options to Cuba, the Dry Tortugas, and Florida including technical and recreational itineraries. For more information see our website.