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Seats filling fast for PSI-PCI training at Beneath the Sea

The PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection (VCI) training is more popular than ever with great turnouts at each show we attend.  Its not too late for you to get your training at Beneath the Sea but seats are going fast!

VCI training will be held Friday March 24 from 8am -5pm and VCI Refresh (out of date alumni qualify for this rate) is concurrent.  The supporting specialties for the VCI course will run on Saturday March 25.  You can review the entire schedule here:


Tickets are purchased via the Beneath the Sea website and the link to it can be found on the PSI-PCI Show Schedule page (above) or thru the Beneath the Sea website directly.

PSI-PCI has the only training for this purpose that is formally endorsed, utilized and recognized by the cylinder manufacturers and recognized by rule making bodies such as the USDOT and Compressed Gas Association. No other training group has that distinction.  Take your training from the professionals at PSI-PCI for worldwide recognized training in high pressure cylinder safety and inspection.  We look forward to seeing you at Beneath the Sea!