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SeaLife’s AquaPod – The Original Underwater Camera “Pod”

Most of us have experienced it, you try and snap that perfect underwater fish shot or video, and as you get yourself into position, your subject bolts off to the undersea horizon.

dnw 09222015The solution is an underwater version of the popular “camera sticks”; SeaLife’s AquaPod lets you get close to your subjects while maintaining a comfortable distance and avoid frightening sea creatures, or extend the AquaPod to capture exciting shark scenes. And self-imaging against a colorful aquatic backdrop is considered by many undersea explorers as the finest for of self-expression. SeaLife even offers optional lighting, so seeing what’s in that hole is quick and easy.

SeaLife pioneered the AquaPod in the early days of POV cameras like GoPro, since these tiny cameras have almost no way to hold and handle them, the company soon found out that all underwater cameras have a distinct advantage when connected to an AquaPod.

Unlike other “Pods” which are either not designed to be used around water or are toy-like in their design and construction, SeaLife’s two AquaPod models are especially designed for use in saltwater, using only the finest non-corrosive materials and boasting incredible strength and durability.  “The AquaPod is made and designed to be used in the water every day, it’s a pro-quality piece of gear every diver should own” said Karl Schuster, SeaLife’s Sales Manager. “It’s incredibly easy to use and the perspectives and imaging capabilities are limited only by your imagination”, he added.

Available in two sizes, both the AquaPod and AquaPod Mini can mount any camera with a standard tripod mount and include the popular GoPro camera mount.  Designed to be used in the dive environment with fully waterproof cameras like the SeaLife Micro HD camera and GoPro cameras, its versatility allows it to be used on land as well.   Shoot great stills and videos of various perspectives whether underwater or on a boat by simply angling the camera using the adjustable knob. The original AquaPod also includes a small mirror towards the end allowing divers to capture an underwater self-image.

The full-sized AquaPod extends from 18 to 53 inches (46 to 135 cm), while the AquaPod Mini ranges from 15.5 to 38 inches (39 to 97 cm).

In addition, you can mount the SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 600, Sea Dragon Mini 650 Flood or Spot to the AquaPod to brighten stills and videos. The versatile Sea Dragon Mini 600 and 650 lights come packaged with its own AquaPod mount in addition to other mounts (GoPro Mount and cold shoe mount), making it universal for any underwater camera set up.

For more information, or to place an order on the SeaLife AquaPod or AquaPod Mini, contact your SeaLife rep or the SeaLife sales team.

SeaLife AquaPod Mini                         Item SL912            MSRP $49.95

SeaLife AquaPod                                  Item SL913            MSRP $69.95

Optional lights for the SeaLife AquaPod (include AquaPod mount):

Sea Dragon Mini 600                          Item SL981            MSRP $129.95

Sea Dragon Mini 650 Flood               Item SL650            MSRP $159.95

Sea Dragon Mini 650 Spot                 Item SL651            MSRP $159.95