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SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece now available in Canada through Diversco

SeaCure Management Group LLC and Diversco Supply Inc. are excited to announce that the world’s greatest mouthpiece, SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece, will be available through Diversco Supply in Canada.  Diversco is already supplying most of Canada’s dive shops with a suite of top line brands and products on a day-to-day basis.  SeaCure is the newest addition to Diversco’s product catalog.

SeaCure and Diversco are working hand-in-hand to support dive shops in Canada with developing product knowledge, brand awareness, diver education programs, simple distribution solutions, and customer service support.

The SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece is a patented, moldable mouthpiece that allows for a personalized and customized fit.  Additionally, the SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece may assist divers with jaw fatigue, headaches, tooth pain, symptoms from TMJ and symptoms from tinnitus while scuba diving.

“All of us at SeaCure are excited about this new relationship,” John Flanders, president of SeaCure, said.  “While we have distributed to a handful of dive shops in Canada, any time you are importing/exporting a product it has logistical issues.  Working with Diversco will assist dive shops in streamlining purchasing and shipping.  This new supply chain solution will allow dive shops to focus on servicing their retail customers!” Flanders continued.

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About Diversco:

Diversco has been distributing scuba equipment for the past thirty years providing customers across Canada with top of the line scuba products. Good customer service, excellent inventory quantities, quick order turnaround, fast delivery, and aggressive programs make Diversco the go to for businesses who want a family feel but also want the ability to make good margins and partner with a distributor that gets it. For more information on Diversco, please visit