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Seacure Custom Mouthpiece Company Acquired

Seacure Management Group LLC is excited to announce our change of ownership with the company that manufacturers the Best Mouthpiece in the Scuba Industry.

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Randall Moles, Seacure Custom Mouthpiece has grown to be one of the most recognized brands in the industry and has a reputation for being the “best mouthpiece” in the scuba world. Seacure continues to be the most requested mouthpiece for recreational and technical divers as well as snorkelers and skin divers.

The new owner of Seacure is the Flanders family out of Phoenix, Arizona.  John Flanders, president of Seacure Management Group LLC, is a Course Director and a well-known diver for over 30 years.

Seacure has been run out of Arizona for the last 15 years.  The company has already announced to its manufacturing partners that “no significant operational changes” are being made at this time.

It all started back in the early 90s; Dr. Moles had a TMJ patient who asked for his advice.  She was a diver who was having major problems clenching the standard regulator mouthpieces without experiencing bad jaw pain and headaches.  But she loved to dive!  What could she do? Dr. Moles began to work on a moldable mouthpiece that would “hang on” to the teeth without the constant clenching required by the standard mouthpiece.  It worked for her and she was very grateful.  And it has “worked” for tens of thousands of divers since.

The Flanders family couldn’t be more excited to be involved with Seacure Custom Mouthpiece.  “Many divers do not know what is giving them headaches on dive trips, and once they are using a Seacure, they no longer have them,” John Flanders, president of Seacure, said.  “As a scuba instructor, I have been recommending these mouthpieces for years. Even divers without a jaw problem find a Seacure mouthpiece to be very, very comfortable.  They also find it to stay in with no effort at all, even, we’ve been told, while asleep!” Flanders continued.

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