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SEAC USA is shipping “Jack”

SEAC USA has announced shipping their ground-breaking new freediving/SCUBA watch computer with gauge mode, named “Jack”.  Not only does this computer monitor all the standard freediving & scuba diving parameters, it incorporates a unique algorithm to help prevent Tarvana & Hemoptysis; both potential freediving maladies.

Beyond being your freediving and scuba diving friend, “Jack” has many features for every day topside activities such as 3D compass, barometric pressure, altimeter, temperature, stopwatch, pedometer, caloric counter, lunar phases, alarms and much, much more ! Rechargeable battery with included USB cable makes Jack easy to keep at full power.

The addition of “Jack” to the SEAC family of diving categories rounds out the complete line of quality products, all researched and developed in Italy. Please come by SEAC booth #427 at The SCUBA Show, Long Beach, to meet “Jack” and see many other products or visit a SEAC Dealer near you.