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Sea of Change Foundation Funds Humpback Whale Research

In an expanding mission to support marine conservation, the Sea of Change Foundation is pleased to help fund Gotham Whale’s on-going project to study, document, and educate the public about the return of humpback whales to the waters around New York City.

This one-year $5,000 grant will support the creation of a fluke ID database to help identify individual whales migrating between the coast of New York and the calving grounds of the Silver Banks off of the Dominican Republic. The overall goal of the project also focuses on educating area residents about responsible boating around whales and includes a citizen science component asking the public to share their whale photos for inclusion in the ID database.

Paul L. Sieswerda, President and CEO of Gotham Whale said, “Gotham Whale is pleased to have the support of the Sea of Change Foundation. This work is as exciting as it is important. We look forward to bringing New Yorkers a better understanding of how connected our ocean and its inhabitants are, from the Big City to the coral reefs. ”

It is the hope of the Board of Directors of the Sea of Change Foundation that this project will inspire the global dive community to support the protection of marine mammals both locally and globally. “Growing up near the former whaling town of Cold Spring Harbor, New York, I dreamt of the day the whales might return and now that they have. Supporting the work of Gotham Whale is a dream come true,” said Samantha Whitcraft, Director of Conservation and Outreach for the Foundation. Importantly, “through our Foundation, 100% of donations go directly to such conservation initiatives to ensure future generations of divers can also experience the sea and its wonders,” concluded Wayne Brown, CEO of Aggressor Fleet® and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

About the Sea of Change Foundation: The Sea of Change Foundation funds marine conservation and research initiatives that directly impact the oceans we all love to dive and explore. Our mission is to create positive change for the oceans. Learn more about and donate to the Sea of Change Foundation here: http://www.seaofchange.com/, or email thankyou(at)seaofchange.com.

About Gotham Whale: Gotham Whale is a 501-c-3  not-for-profit using Citizen Science to study, advocate for, and educate about the whales and marine mammals that are returning to the waters around New York City.  www.gothamwhale.org