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Ronny Roskosch Running for the DEMA Board of Directors – YOUR Vote is Needed!

Ronny Roskosch as Candidate for the DEMA Board A1 Manufacturer Category, read why:

Ronny Roskosch was born near Frankfurt, Germany, in 1969. The younger of a two-child’s family and married with 3 incredible children.

Diving came into his life at the age of six, when, magic wise, the Sunday TV news turned into his private space, back then only on TV and in dreams, watching the father of scuba diving on his underwater Journeys, the legendary Jacques Cousteau, documentaries which changed Ronny’s life into exactly what he has been looking for; to dedicate and spend the rest of his life with diving and the nature of a silent and fascinating world, the underwater world.

Years later, at the age of fourteen, and after gaining sufficient credits home to do so, the so long expected day arrived, to BE a Diver. It definitely confirmed his expectations and decision to take the road along the Diving Industry.

Since these days, a nonstop ladder was climbed until today to achieve nothing less than 30 years in the diving Industry. His Saturation Diver carrier and Business Degree education has set the key to his today’s success. Almost 9000 working hours on all size of vessels and off shore rigs gave the aquatic and technical abilities and a sixteen-year CEO and owner position in underwater ship repair and off shore installation company the knowledge to combine the todays 5 Star Dive Resort with actual location in one of the best diving destinations in Europe, founded back in 1992.

Also, as Executive Director at the Deep Quest Institute (ex IAFD) since more than 7 years, milestones within the FreeDiving Industry was set the past many years and a complete change on the point of view into FreeDiving was achieved.

Project managing of ambitious world record setting for elite FreeDiving legends such as Pipin Ferreras, un-countless events, production projects of documentaries, movies and activities with our industry has been achieved.

For 3 years, the career has been topped with the incredible project for the German High Tech DPV manufacturer, Cayago AG, and there Seabob, the world fastest underwater sled in the world. As Consultant Executive for the Diving Division, a new challenge turned up to intergrade the 30 years’ experience within the Diving Industry and this product.

Since 2014, Ronny is participating proudly within the Research Committee of the DEMA Association.

Many other activities, projects, companies, partnerships, joint ventures, etc., related to his experience in the Diving Industry, gave the additional support and knowledge in many other aspects.

Read more about Ronnys vison and goals at the DEMA Candidate Information Package, either online or the print version.

Questions, Suggestions, Ideas? Please feel free to contact Ronny anytime.

Sincerely yours,
Ronny Roskosch