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Reef Safe Sun Care by Tropical Seas celebrating 29 Eco-Friendly Years

Thank you to all our supporters for helping Tropical Seas/ Reef Safe make our 29th Anniversary! For those of you who have not yet had a chance to try our products, we invite you to test them at your local dive shop.

Reef Safe SunCare has been helping people protect their skin, and the beautiful underwater world for 29 years. Reef Safe manufactures the world’s only biodegradable sunscreen products that are scientifically proven safe to our underwater environment using globally accepted test methods.

We started developing Reef Safe in 1995 while on a dive trip to Key West with a group of friends. Observing the oil slick that came off them when they jumped into the water, and bleaching on large brain coral formations. I returned to our laboratory determined to help make a sunscreen that was safe to our underwater environment; thus, a new breed of sunscreens was born. Reef Safe formulas make it easier to apply, and more enjoyable to use than any other brand of sunscreens. Our formulas do not sting eyes, and have an elegant non-greasy rub-in. Reef Safe officially launched with full testing of marketing claims in 2008.

In 2012, after two years of divers at DEMA show requests, Reef Safe pioneered a biodegradable non-stinging mask defogger with a sprayer that also sprays upside down and at any angle without propellants. Now in 2017 our mask defogger has become the new standard thanks to our loyal customers and, we have added a defog gel and scrub.

Today, Reef Safe offers a wide range of sunscreens that appeal to all skin types and preferences, from our Original Formulas, Higher UVA Formulas, Eco-Spray formulas to our new Oxybenzone Free Formulas and Land Shark Mineral based SPF 30 that applies almost transparent.

Reef Safe carries our “Think Blue- It’s the New Green” message into our packaging with our 100% Bio-resin bottles that are made from renewable/sustainable plant derived materials, that are 75% more Green House efficient and recyclable.

The Reef Safe Promise

Reef Safe continues to support the dive industry through our continued Research & Development programs for new and better skin protection for both humans and our underwater environment. We also encourage underwater discovery and awareness of the world’s oceans to future generations with the help of Duc Gusteau.

We invite everyone from swimmers, snorkelers to advanced divers, and even cave divers to experience our Mask Defogger and our Sun & Skin Care products. Once people fall in love with Reef Safe products they never fall out. Reef Safe continues to partner with dive distributors, dive retailers, and trade associations worldwide.

Thank you for a great 29 years and here’s to an even better 29 more. Please keep your requests coming, we truly appreciate your support!