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RAID Becomes First Training Agency to Launch International ONLINE Program for Divers with Disabilities

As a dive industry leader in innovation and training, RAID International announces its new program, RAIDaptive, allowing dive centers worldwide online access to provide dive instruction to divers of all abilities.  RAIDaptive includes Open Water certifications for not only divers with disabilities, but has also a Dive Buddy component, Instructor component, and an Instructor trainer component.

“It is an exciting approach for teaching people with various disabilities and opens up the underwater world for many people who thought they would never have this experience,” said Jim Holliday, RAID International CEO.  “For Instructors and buddies it is a very rewarding experience and another important rating that instructors can achieve.”

Holliday also shared his excitement for RAID as it continues to be out in front of new ideas in the industry.

“I applaud everyone in the diving industry who welcomes divers of all abilities, and with our online training system, we were able to instantly offer this internationally, we hope this really opens up the world of scuba to a whole new community.”

Holliday believes this agency-wide effort shows a commitment to the diving community as a whole and hopes to inspire dive centers to be a beacon of social responsibility in their local communities as well.

This year at the DEMA show in Orlando, RAID will be running a RAIDaptive training program for RAID Regional Offices. Instructors can contact their regional office after the DEMA show in November to find out how the program will be scheduled in various areas.