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PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection Training at Scuba Show Long Beach

PSI-PCI will be attending the Scuba Show in Long Beach in June.  The show is scheduled for June 23 & 24.

The Visual Cylinder Inspection course will be offered Friday, June 22 (day prior to show start).  The Refresh course, for previously trained PSI-PCI inspectors who are out of date (outside 3 years since last training) will run concurrent.  We will cover Cylinder Safe Handling, Fill Station Operations, and Aluminum, Steel and Composite cylinders.  We will touch on associated topics such as requalifying, eddy current testing, O2 cleaning and Valves. To gain the information needed to be fully versed on these additional topics, you can also attend the Supporting Specialties on Saturday.

The PSI-PCI Annual Update for those inspectors who need to renew within their 3 year recurrent training window will be Saturday morning with the PSI-PCI Supporting Specialties following.  New this year we have actually REDUCED the price for the specialties, so sign up for them all!

You can review the entire schedule and sign up online via the PSI-PCI website.

Working in the industry with high pressure cylinders, formal function specific training is federally required.  PSI-PCI training is the only training for this purpose that is endorsed, referred to and utilized by the cylinder manufacturers; and recognized by the USDOT and Compressed Gas Association.  All rule making entities in the cylinder industry.  Let PSI-PCI be your Cylinder Safety Solution!

Contact us with questions:  425-398-4300 or staff@psicylinders.com