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PSI-PCI Offers a Common Sense Approach to 6351 T-6 Alloy Cylinders

Recently Mark Gresham, President of Professional Scuba Inspectors, Inc. – Professional Cylinder Inspectors, Inc. (PSI-PCI) was asked by Divers Alert Network to write an article on the safety of 6351 T-6 alloy cylinders.  These much maligned cylinders are often mishandled due to misinformation perpetuated in the industry.

We invite you to read the article that was published in the most recent issue of Alert Diver Magazine.  Here is the online link to it: http://www.alertdiver.com/6351-T6_Alloy_Scuba_Cylinders.

We hope it will inspire you to take a common sense approach to your own (if you have them) cylinders made from this alloy.  For additional information contact PSI-PCI.