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PSI-PCI Cylinder Inspection Training at Our World-Underwater Show in Chicago

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend the Our World Underwater Show this year and take advantage of the PSI-PCI training we will be hosting.  Show your new PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector workbook at the Ticket counter and receive $5.00 off the price of admittance to the show!

We will be offering our popular Visual Cylinder Inspection program on Friday. This training is available to everyone, novice diver to top level professional.  Anyone that needs to visually inspect cylinders in their line of work, or those that just want to learn what needs to be done.   You will learn about HAZMAT handling and fill station operations; aluminum, steel and composite cylinders, their care and maintenance to specific federal regulations and cylinder manufacturer guidelines.  In fact, the PSI-PCI training is the only training available that is endorsed, utilized and referred to by the cylinder manufacturers and recognized by the rule making bodies of the industry such as USDOT and Compressed Gas Association.

Our special courses take an in depth look at Eddy Current testing, Valve Repair and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning.  You will have training that meets standards that you can actually apply!

For those of you that are within the 3 year recurrent training you can take the PSI-PCI Annual Update in person on Saturday as well.   The new 2018 PSI-PCI Annual Update covers new rules and applicable standards including ISO.  IT meets the federal requirements for recurrent training and you will be issued a Certificate of Training valid for the next 3 years.

Time is getting short, get signed up today!  Visit this page for show schedule and online sign up:  http://www.psicylinders.com/regional-training.

We look forward to seeing you at Our World Underwater in Chicago!