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PSI-PCI Celebrates 35 Years of Dedication to Cylinder Safety

It has been 35 years since Inspector #1 was issued for the Visual Cylinder Inspection course.  A lot has changed since then.  The one thing that has not changed is the dedication of PSI-PCI to cylinder safety.  Visual Cylinder Inspection is a specialized training that, while open to anyone, is not necessarily needed or used by everyone.  When Bill High first began the program his goal was to provide a course focused on cylinder safety and prescribed inspection procedures based on the rules and regulations governing cylinders. And he expected he would teach 300-500 people.  This year we surpassed the 30,000th student.  For such specialized training, that’s a pretty good number and it continues to climb!

Bill told us, “I began PSI to meet a clear need within the scuba industry. Cylinders were rupturing at an alarming rate causing death and destruction.  With the extraordinary dedication of Mark Gresham and his leadership and the outstanding pursuits of the many PSI-PCI affiliate instructors, PSI-PCI is now an international standard not only for scuba but for the entire gas industry.  Together, we cylinder safety instructors actually save lives.  We are the only cylinder safety training recognized by cylinder manufacturers, the US Government and the rest of the gas industry. That is a remarkable fact!”

Nir Tzemach at DecoStop in Tel Aviv had this to say about his training:  “In May 2017 I was a student during a PSI-PCI inspector course in Tel-Aviv Israel.  I was so happy and excited when I heard PSI-PCI was coming to Israel to teach and to certified inspectors.  Mr. Mark Gresham, the President of PSI-PCI, gave us his knowledge with a lot of patience for all questions there were and it was exciting to be part of this class.”

Our training is not an add-on feature to a dive training program although we have worked closely with several dive training organizations to provide training and inspection support to their members.  PSI-PCI has worked tirelessly with the cylinder manufacturers to ensure that the cylinders we inspect are being inspected to the applicable standards.  We have also worked closely with the cylinder manufacturers offering consultation as well as training their staff and quality control technicians.  Even NASA uses our training!

With the many changes over the years PSI-PCI continues to provide our students with the very best, most up to date and accurate training for inspecting high pressure cylinders.  Our highly trained cadre of affiliate Instructors help to carry the PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection program all over the world!

We are very proud that our training has been impactful to affect safety in the industry.  PSI-PCI remains dedicated to being the Cylinder Safety Solution for many years to come.

You too can join the PSI-PCI team.  Visit our website for information on our courses, training schedules, instructor team and more.  www.psicylinders.com.