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PSI-PCI announces online sign up for training at DEMA now open

The training schedule is up and we will be offering all of the PSI-PCI training at DEMA and you can start making your plans now.  You can review the full schedule here: http://www.psicylinders.com/regional-training

We will offer the Visual Cylinder Inspector course on Tuesday (day prior to show start) and again on Saturday.  Throughout the week we will be conducting the specialty courses that support the Visual Cylinder Inspection process – Eddy Current Technician, Valve Repair Technician and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician.  PSI-PCI Inspectors that have exceeded the 3 year recurrent training window established by USDOT federal regulations can take advantage of a reduced alumni rate to renew.  The Visual Cylinder Inspection Refresh course is the same full day course at the alumni rate.

For current PSI-PCI Inspectors that need to take their recurrent training we will have the PSI-PCI Annual Update on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8am.

Why PSI-PCI training?

Formal, function specific training is required by US Federal regulations.  PSI-PCI training is unmatched in the industry as the standard for training to conduct visual inspections required for aluminum, steel and composite cylinders.  Our training has been written and kept up to date in conjunction with  industry experts to meet USDOT requirements and prepare the student to visually inspect these high pressure cylinders to the applicable standards.  If you are required to inspect cylinders in your course of business or just want to know what should be done, our training is for you!

PSI-PCI has the only training offered that is endorsed, utilized and referred to by the cylinder manufacturers; and recognized by the USDOT and the Compressed Gas Association.  Countries around the world that use USDOT cylinders apply PSI-PCI training to inspect their cylinders.  You can too!  Trust PSI-PCI, Inc. – The Gold Standard for Visual Cylinder Inspection Training for over 30 years!