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Popular GoPro Green program at Subway Watersports Roatan Continues to Grow

Since the introduction of its GoPro Green professional program last year, Subway Watersports has trained dozens of environmentally-friendly scuba diving educators and professionals. Industry research has shown that young divers has a strong interest in protecting and preserving the aquatic realm. The GoPro Green program that has been incorporated into the Divemaster, Instructor and internship programs with Subway Watersports aim to accomplish just that.

“Our GoPro Green Divemaster internship has a heavy focus on coral reef conservation efforts in and around the Bay Islands of Honduras,” explains Daren Ebanks. “You will start your internship with a FREE Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Course, gaining in depth knowledge of the complexity of the coral reef ecosystems and how you can help conserve and protect them. You will also be given other lectures, presentations & training in coral restoration, surveying, nursery maintenance, fish/coral identification & other areas of conservation.”

The program, one of the first of its kind in the Caribbean, provides candidates with an extra level of environmental awareness and education that will be useful throughout their entire diving careers, Ebanks adds.

The Subway Watersports program, which is conducted on-site at Turquoise Bay Resort on Roatan, has received international accolades for its professionalism, comprehensive curriculum and outstanding environment. Graduates of the Subway Watersports PADI IDC program are currently working in the dive industry throughout the Caribbean and around the world.

For more details, visit the Subway Watersports website.