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The Paris Climate Accord: DEMA Asks You to Contact Your Elected Officials!

On June 1, the United States withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord, a voluntary agreement outlining potentially significant criteria for participation and compliance with the 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Though less than a treaty, and not ratified by the US Congress, the US signed the Accord in 2016, as one of 148 other signing countries among the 197-country United Nations Convention.  If all countries complied with this Agreement, many believe that greenhouse gasses, thought to be contributing to climate change, could be reduced.

Recreational diving businesses and countries that thrive on recreational diving are increasingly adopting policies and practices aimed at preserving, protecting and enhancing the environment. In every corner of the world, having a clean and healthy diving environment is critical to the success of the recreational diving industry.  On Tuesday, June 6th Hawaii became the first state in the nation to enact portions of the Paris Climate Accord into law, with Gov. David Ige signing Senate Bill 559. The bill will document sea level rise and set strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

DEMA has long supported an approach to government regulation that balances the health of the aquatic environment with maintaining access to dive sites and minimizing unnecessary regulatory burdens on business.  It should be clear to all that the recreational diving industry MUST have a healthy diving environment, or there is no diving business.

DEMA strongly urges all members of the diving industry to read the Paris Climate Accord as presented by the UN Convention, and to contact your elected representatives in Congress to share how the recent change in US policy could affect your company’s and the Industry’s bottom line.  Your message to your Representative and Senator should be personalized and we encourage you to add details about the work of your organization and how this change would impact your company and the citizens you serve.  Your voice is important so that the diving industry can maintain unfettered access to dive sites and keep regulatory burdens to a minimum while sustaining a clean and healthy diving environment.

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