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PADI Invests in Technology to Evolve Customer Experience

In today’s exciting and occassionally unnerving business climate marked by rapidly evolving technology and rising customer expectations, PADI is investing more than ever before in technological advancements to deliver a premier experience for PADI Members and consumers. The goal: to unite the organization’s extensive digital ecosystem and enable members and divers to easily do business with PADI in the manner that best suits them. To this end, the organization has teams working on all fronts to update technology, improve the user experience and unify the customer journey.

“PADI is setting the bar high to ensure we meet customers’ growing expectations – today and in the future,” says Kristin Valette, PADI Worldwide Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. “While we are in the midst of a digital evolution, our focus is on customer and member success. We want to exceed expectations for all who engage and interact with PADI.  Be it enrolling for an online course, processing a certification, contacting PADI staff or engaging with other divers or members, outcomes leading to ‘customer success’ is our top priority and we have the team, the strategy and the technology to make this happen.”

Here are just a few of the ways PADI is currently investing in an improved customer experience:

  • New Digital Experience Team – Comprised of a digital experience director, user interface and user experience (UI/UX) specialists, website and search engine optimization specialists, and data analysts, this team is working to understand how members and customers currently interact with PADI digital channels to develop a more seamless and intuitive customer journey in the near future. Preliminary tests have already yielded significant increases in traffic to entry-level course pages and PADI eLearning® on padi.com – meaning more students for PADI Members.
  • Expanded Product and Technology Department – While the digital experience team is focused on improving the customer journey, the product and technology team, under the direction of a veteran chief technology officer, is hard at work improving back-end systems such as ecommerce and online processing to make it easier to do business with PADI. From PADI eLearning to the PADI Pros’ Site, programming is underway to streamline processes and simplify course administration needs to allow student divers and dive professionals to focus on what’s really important: diving.
  • Enhanced Customer Relations Support – While PADI proudly boasts top-notch customer support, new technology also offers an opportunity to add enhanced services to provide around-the-clock access to information and answers to questions. Improving these services will help move customers along in the decision-making process when considering learning to dive, contacting a dive center, booking dive travel and other actions.
  • Evolved eLearning Experience – PADI eLearning and PADI Touch™ products are also evolving to increase online, offline and mobile capabilities. From faster download times to increased course selections and expanded language offerings, improvements to these digital products will continue to enable PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals to offer cutting-edge products to their customers.

At the heart of these tech advancements is the new My PADI Club, launching later this year, which will help unify the customer journey, better connect divers to the dive community and encourage deeper engagement in the sport through continuing education and gear incentives.

PADI is investing in member success and the industry’s future in ways unprecedented in the dive industry. To learn more and to join a winning team, contact PADI today.

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