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Ohio is the Latest State to Offer DAN’s New Guardian Plan

Divers Alert Network®, the leader in dive safety, is pleased to announce the approval of the Guardian Dive Accident Insurance plan for Ohio residents. Since insurance is regulated on a state-by-state basis, the insurance department in each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia must approve any new policy.

As diver habits evolve and the cost of medical care continues to increase, DAN regularly reviews programs to determine what can be done to ensure members have the greatest protection possible. At the end of 2014 the Guardian plan was introduced.

dan-guardian-in-ohioWith higher limits and additional coverage, the Guardian Plan allows divers greater freedom to engage in a variety of adventure activities. This is an integral part of DAN’s commitment to diver safety and ensures that members have the resources they need to effectively manage emergency situations.

The Guardian plan eliminates all the deductibles and provides increased limits for medical expenses, accidental death and dismemberment, extra transportation, extra accommodations, lost diving equipment and vacation cancellation/interruption during a dive vacation.

In addition, the Guardian plan offers new benefits. Members can take advantage of the additional emergency medical transportation to supplement the base coverage you receive as a benefit of your DAN Membership. The plan also includes medical coverage for a variety of named water sports and coverage for home country medical evacuation and repatriation for medical emergencies during a dive vacation.

“DAN dive accident insurance is becoming increasingly important due to rising co-pays, deductibles and the requirement of many primary health plans that policyholders pay for services outside the United States and then file for reimbursement once they get home,” said Bill Ziefle, President and CEO, Divers Alert Network. “We believe the Guardian plan as well as our other dive accident plans addresses these issues while providing the best dive accident coverage in the industry”, added Ziefle.

All of the dive accident plans provide medical coverage for dive accidents internationally and when diving locally in the U.S. The DAN plans provide secondary coverage of up to $500,000 and pay 100% of eligible expenses. For more information, visit DAN.org/Insurance