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NO BATTERIES, NO WIRES, JUST YOU: Fourth Element at DEMA Show 2017

At the DEMA Show, Fourth Element will launch its alternative to electrically heated vests for longer, safer, more comfortable diving:  the X-CORE.

Weight for weight, X-CORE is fourth element’s warmest undergarment ever:  designed to be worn under an Arctic, Arctic Expedition, HALO 3D or any other drysuit undergarment, this is a product for every diver looking to extend their season.  Visit booth #2277 for more details on this innovative yet deceptively simple product.

This is fourth element’s answer for someone looking for more warmth and considering an electrically heated product.  Emerging research from DAN and other sources is beginning to show that there may be many more physiological problems with the use of active heating systems, so we have developed a product designed to maximize the retention of body heat.

The body has an approximate power of 100W (similar to that of a bright, incandescent light bulb – remember those and how hot they were?) and the majority of this energy generated is dissipated as heat.  X-CORE aims to trap some of this heat in the dense fibres of the fabric, insulating the body core and maximizing comfort.


The X-CORE vest is perfect next to skin or over a base layer like the Xerotherm or J2.  All-way stretch fabric gives a snug fit on the torso, but the sleeveless design prevents bulk around the arms and allows complete freedom of movement for valve shutdowns etc.  The long body portion provides excellent coverage and prevents the vest riding up.


More than 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year, endangering marine and bird life and creating almost unfathomable areas of pollution, from local water courses to vast plastic gyres.

Reducing the plastic we discard is part of the solution to improving the health of our oceans. X-Core is made with REPREVE® – a fibre that is made from recycled post-consumer waste, including used plastic bottles. Plastic is removed from the waste stream and prevented from reaching the ocean. 76% of the fibre composition of X-Core is recycled polyester. The Polartec® fabric used in X-Core is manufactured to the highest environmental standards. It has Blue Sign® and Oeko-Tex® certification to indicate that harmful chemicals are minimised or eliminated and that waste water is treated to ensure its purity before being released from the factory.

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