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New Scuba Thriller by Popular Author Paul Mila Inspired by Real-Life Exploits of Roatan-based Diver

Authentic ancient artifact inspires fictional underwater treasure hunt in diver/author Paul Mila’s new murder mystery, KILLER IN PARADISE.

Paul Mila returns with familiar and new characters in the fifth book of his dive adventure/thriller series. The story picks up where Mila’s previous underwater thriller, NEAR MISS, left off.

Once again, Aussie native and diver Layle Stanton’s real-life exploits provided the inspiration for Mila’s fictional heroine, Dayle Standish, in a new adventure. Mila fashioned the Standish character after Layle, an active diver currently based in Roatan, Honduras.

In KILLER IN PARADISE, scuba diver and art gallery owner Dayle Standish struggles to save her marriage as she searches for a priceless artifact dating back to Christopher Columbus. But Dayle’s path through the land of the ancient Mayans intersects with a vicious killer in Cozumel, Mexico, putting herself and her friends, Terry and Joe Manetta, in danger.

The story will appeal to divers and non-divers alike, and diving readers will recognize dive sites located in Roatan and Cozumel. The unique story line takes readers inside cenotes, the underwater caves that riddle the Yucatan, and which supplied the ancient Mayans with much of their fresh water.

Mila stated, “When I met and dove with Layle in Cozumel Mexico, she mentioned her plan to trek through Latin America, before heading home to Australia to visit her family. As it turned out, Layle eventually settled in Roatan, Honduras. In addition to becoming a divemaster, teacher, and restauranteur there, she opened up LaLa, Latin American Lifestyle and Art Gallery & Cafe.

“I was seeking a story line for the sequel to NEAR MISS, when I learned that Layle frequently traveled through Mexico and Central America to purchase original, indigenous art for her gallery. That thought provided the inspiration for a dangerous new adventure involving my diving heroine (Dayle) during one of her treasure hunting adventures,” he added.

Mila has an entire library of scuba-related fiction AND non-fiction works including Killer In Paradise, Near Miss, Bubbles Up, Fireworks, Whale’s Angel and Dangerous Waters. Follow his adventures and new projects through his website  www.milabooks.com.


“Paul Mila has created a fast-paced thriller that finds its “Maltese Falcon” hundreds of years older and in an underwater Mayan shrine. Grab your air tank  ̶  definitely worth the dive!” — Tom Hoover, author of Caribee.

“Paul Mila returns with familiar characters in this riveting suspense/thriller. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put this action-packed page turner down.” — Mike Monahan, author of The Treasure of Hart Island, and Barracuda.


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