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New PADI Travel Affiliate Program Introduced to Enhance Dive Center Travel Business

PADI® introduces the new PADI Travel™ Affiliate Program, a benefit for all PADI Dive Centers to create or grow their travel business by leveraging PADI Travel offerings. The affiliate program is designed to increase revenue for dive centers by:

  1. Reaching independent travelers: Affiliates will be able to earn attractive commissions by either referring divers to PADI Travel or making bookings through PADI Travel.
  2. Increasing in-store sales: Affiliates will benefit from increased footfall to their stores thanks to various PADI Travel initiatives. PADI Travel will direct divers who have booked a trip through the platform to a local store to purchase or service equipment, or take a new certification course prior to their trip.
  3. Facilitating group trips and charters: PADI Travel will assist PADI Dive Centers in organizing, booking and marketing successful group trips. Affiliates will receive group discounts, free spots, dive show specials and dive insurance for the group.

As a benefit of PADI Membership, PADI Dive Centers can now activate their accounts to gain access to these benefits as well as training and best practice guides on how to run a successful travel program.

“Helping PADI Retail Members be more successful is our biggest priority,” said Drew Richardson, President and CEO of PADI Worldwide. “The PADI Travel Affiliate Program is a concrete way to help our dive centers leverage travel to grow their revenue, keep their divers engaged and drive more divers to their stores. We’re excited to bring this new service to our members.”

“We’ve been working with hundreds of PADI Dive Centers around the world to build this program from the ground up,” said Joel Perrenoud, Managing Director of PADI Travel. “The affiliate program has been designed based on the needs and requirements of the people who are going to use it: PADI Dive Centers. In our beta tests with a few selected dive centers, we’ve already seen great success stories and are excited to make the program available to all PADI Dive Centers worldwide.”

Learn more about the PADI Travel Affiliate Program and activate your account today, visit affiliates.padi.com.