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New Guinness World Record Set for Longest Underwater Human Chain

On Saturday June 17th, 2017 the Guinness World Record for the Longest Underwater Human Chain was broken by organizer Pavan Arilton, Owner of Dixie Diver’s in Deerfield Beach. The record to break was 187 divers. Dixie Divers went well beyond with the NEW WORLD RECORD with 240 scuba divers!

With the collaboration of The City of Deerfield Beach and many other local dive stores and dive clubs, Dixie Divers turned this monumental occasion into a fantastic 2 day event!  Stating Friday night, the City of Deerfield closed the City Pier to fishing to allow for divers to enjoy the scenery under the pier for a night dive!   Brownie’s Third Lung provided several of their New 3D Buoy’s to illuminate the waters around the pier as dive markers to visually alert boaters there were divers underwater.

Saturday morning, Dixie Divers organized an underwater clean up where bags of fishing line and garbage were methodically removed from the underwater columns of the pier and surrounding areas.  After the pier clean up, divers were carefully organized with numbered tags and were organized in a semicircle around the pier underwater between the 3D Buoys.  The Official Guinness Coordinator then dove the site to provide an official count.  240 DIVERS!!

Congratulations to Dixie Divers, the City of Deerfield Beach and to all of the divers and people that assisted in making this incredible event possible!