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Nautilus Liveaboards Hiring All Positions for New boat in Baja, California

New Nautilus Liveaboard Vessel in Baja, California Now Hiring for all positions

OUR CULTURE: be safe, work hard, be happy, help us excel in guest experience, get some dives in and meet some great people.

We continue to expand, and with our new 116 foot Broward motor yacht, the Gallant Lady, entering service we are hiring for all positions.

AT NAUTILUS, we combine the best wages in the live aboard dive business with month on/ month off crew rotations and some pretty darned exciting destinations including; the great white sharks at Guadalupe, humpback whales, 10 species of sharks and the incredibly friendly giant mantas of Socorro, 85 – 220 whales sharks at Bahía de los Ángeles in the Sea of Cortez, Cabo Pulmo and more. We encourage all of our crew to get wet and jump in the water.

But don’t just take our word for what it is like to work here, find out what some of our crew have to say with great frankness and honesty.

“Working with Nautilus Liveaboards A great and very fulfilling experience is how I can define my relationship with this company. Long shifts, long days, big challenges, lots of sweat and sacrifice, is how I can start to describe my contracts with the company. Easy is not a Word that describes any day on contract with the company, nevertheless amazing, unexpected, epic, a day to remember, wonderful, this are words that could describe a lot of days on contract. Just thinking of all the animals, people,sites, nights,sunsets, it’s just to many great things and at the end of each contract going back home the feeling is always good. Also the great knowledge and opportunities have no Price. This is a company were there is room to grow and move up the ladder, again no room for the word easy.”

– Joel Ibarra, Mate

“I came here as a mate in December with the desire to learn more about the industry and move up to Captain. The opportunity to move up came much faster than expected. Immediately after I moved up, I had a message from the owner letting me know he would assist me with anything I needed during the transition and beyond, and he has. There are long days, days of heavy lifting, and some days you feel you just need to escape for a moment from guests and crew, but there is great reward. The reward is beautiful! It comes in the form of a manta playing with you on your dive. Sometimes it is sitting in awe of a giant whale shark just gently swimming by, or even sitting in a cage watching great white sharks swim around you. The crew aboard quickly become a close knit family. They help you through the hard times aboard, and the great times. It has been a huge blessing to me and my family to join the Nautilus Family.”


– TJ McKelvey, Captain

IMMEDIATE HIRING REQUIREMENTS ; Captain with the right attitude. Mate with a strong work ethic who is not scared of paperwork. Excellent wages on happy ships with no BS and no politics and just a strong desire to be safe and look after our guests. ALSO hiring shore based diesel mechanic; summers in Ensenada, winters in Cabo San Lucas.

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