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NAUI Business Institute Recognizes its First Graduating Class

After a year of professional development training and collaboration, the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Worldwide, a leader in recreational and leadership-level scuba diver training, conducted the final workshop for its inaugural NAUI Business Institute (NBI) course, which began in Las Vegas, Nevada, during DEMA Show 2016.

This week, aligned with this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida, NAUI welcomes its newest business institute dive professionals to NAUI Headquarters in Tampa, Florida, to begin their NBI course.

The NAUI Business Institute (NBI) was created to provide its members and affiliates with professional development in establishing and managing successful dive businesses and training facilities. A key objective is to generate professional industry leaders who are not only successful, but also highly competent and committed to the dive community and NAUI values.

“The first graduates of NBI exhibit NAUI’s commitment to exceptional customer support and continued growth, which is reflected in the NBI slogan of ‘Always Learning.’ This year’s course curriculum was designed to expand NAUI’s worldwide business efforts in both traditional and non-traditional markets, including an ever-growing and changing digital marketplace,” said Dr. Joe Kilgore, NBI Dean and NAUI Instructor.

NBI participants gain access to a wealth of knowledge, concepts, ideas and practices focused on growing client base, increasing revenue and gaining awareness for a dive store or active lifestyle business.

“I found it [NBI] to be of great value, in both time & money spent. I highly encourage NAUI business owners to take the time to attend this course of study. An added bonus was the opportunity to take FAM trip to the Florida Keys and dive with members of the Board of Directors of both NAUI and NSG. The FAM trip is highly recommended – if you can make it, do it,” said NBI graduate Captain Pete Wastak of Inland Water Divers in Goodyear, Arizona.

According to Davidson, all of the training was helpful, but he especially liked the session on Value Selling, which he credits with helping him maximize efficiency and profits.

Over the past year, NBI offered a comprehensive set of educational programs and enrichment opportunities to the 2017 class of business leaders. The 16 NBI graduates participate in 25+ hours of direct instructional contact hours, including a 16-hour Core Course and ongoing mentorship with NBI faculty.

The Core Course – conducted three times since the inception of NBI – is designed to provide a general understanding and overview of key business concepts and management practices used to enhance and improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Topics covered in the Core Course range from Organizational Leadership and Management; Dive Business Law; Small Business Marketing Techniques; Accounting and Inventory Management; Digital Marketing and Social Media Engagement, Community Relations and Outreach; and Strategic Planning and Implementation, to name a few.

The remaining 10 hours of instructional contact consisted of 12 monthly, one-hour interactive webinars covering thematic topic areas. Webinar topics focused on Financial Planning; Industry Trends; Innovations and Creativity; Conflict and Time Management; Value Selling; Leveraging E-Commerce and E-Learning; and Partnership Development, to name a few.

“As a faculty member, I believe the webinars played a key role in helping the participants and faculty stay connected remotely throughout the year. It provided support and mentorship as they developed and implemented their business plans and the different strategies that were addressed throughout the NBI,” said Angie Cowan, NBI Faculty member.

“Opportunities for growth and developmental support are set to expand in our 2018 course offerings, which begin this week in association with DEMA and then with the Scuba Show later in June. The response to the program has been overwhelmingly positive and constructive,” said Kilgore. “While each NBI class so far has included international partners and members, we are further developing regionally based curricula that incorporates locally-focused industry topics and initiatives and includes Core Courses taking place internationally.”

To learn how you can define your business with NAUI or to see what’s in store for the NAUI Business Institute in and beyond 2018, call 813-628-6284 or visit www.naui.org. Inquiries can also be directed to nauileaders@naui.org. 

As a dive business leader, it only stands to reason that your level of education and training should include an advanced degree as well. 

NAUI Business Institute – “Always Learning”

We would like to formally recognize the inaugural NAUI Business Institute graduating class for their commitment to NAUI Worldwide and to supporting and growing the diving industry.

Kathy Holland  http://divebelowh2o.com

Jim Holland  http://divebelowh2o.com

Martin Davidson  https://www.simplyscuba.com

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Cheryl Roggenbuck  http://www.uwantics.com

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Quintin de Boer  NAUI Africa: https://www.facebook.com/NAUISA/

Dan Semrad  http://www.oregonfreediving.com

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