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National Geographic Snorkeler Announces Direct Sales to Dive Industry

Offering Better Pricing, Better Selection & Better Profitability!

The National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM brands today announced the lines are NOW available directly to all Dive Retailers, Resorts and Live Aboard operations at the BEST PRICES and freight terms available. With the growth of the National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM brands and a vast product selection you can now focus on SWIM, Snorkeling, or both to increase traffic and sales.

With 97% worldwide brand recognition the National Geographic name WILL get you noticed!

To view the online catalog.

Visit National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM CATALOG

Dive Industry Specials are NOW available.

Simply e-mail info@NationalGeographicSnorkeler.com today and request yours by placing SPECIALS in the subject line.

National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM and Nat Geo KIDS Snorkeler & SWIM are made available by FAIC under a licensing agreement from the National Geographic Society.

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To learn more about the National Geographic Society, visit www.nationalgeographic.com