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National Geographic Snorkeler and SWIM announces Dive Industry initiative

National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM offers for a limited time a VERY SPECIAL Dive Industry Program.

Nat Geo Snorkeler recognizes the challenges faced by the Dive Industry and they have a way to help. It is as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Reach out to Nat Geo Snorkeler and become a Dealer. Already a dealer? That’s great; you can also take advantage of the Dive Industry Program.
  2. Place an order of a minimum of $500 to ship before December 31, 2015 and you’ll receive THE BEST PRICE for ALL OF 2016. Get FFA with just a $1000 order AND BEST PRICE! (Within the Continental USA.)
  3. Receive a press release to help you announce to your customers and community that YOU ARE an Authorized National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM Center and when they support you, they support the National Geographic Society …as you already do.

ZK8N1487There are a group of very successful operators that dialed in the combination to recruitment and growth a very long time ago. They don’t waiver, they stay focused on swim, snorkeling and diving. Consider it the natural evolution of a diver.

So when working on your 2016 strategy…plan as follows. Plan a small section of your show room as a Swim Center. Create a distinctive area for Snorkeling. Where possible, blend some of Swim Products into the Snorkeling items and the Snorkeling items into your Dive Display to increase cross sales and maximize the branding power National Geographic brings you.

Get started by branding your facility within your community as an “Authorized National Geographic SWIM and Snorkeling Center”

National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM invites you to take the first step and contact them by writing to visit to learn more. Or, simply pick up the phone and call 772.781.1721 Monday thru Friday 8AM-4PM EST.

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