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Light and Motion Offers Incentives for Sola Pro Owners

Light & Motion, renowned for their advanced underwater lighting designs, is promoting a popular trade-in program to receive $400 off the industry-leading Sola Video Pro 9600.

The Sola Video Pro is the pinnacle of powerful, advanced lighting design for professionals requiring compact, ultra-durable, and reliable equipment.  Engineered and optimized in the cold, challenging waters of Monterey, California and proven by renowned underwater pros worldwide in every imaginable environment – the Sola Video Pro provides the most effective lighting solution available.

“The pace of innovation with underwater lighting is truly astonishing – with rapid advancements in LED technology we’ve been able to constantly push the envelope to meet the needs of today’s advanced shooter,” remarks Cortlen Hernandez, Light & Motion’s Dive Sales Manager.  “Our Sola 4000 was truly revolutionary when it was released, but the new Sola Video Pro offers a significant increase in output and unmatched versatility with our compatible Air Kits for top side use.  Our trade-in program is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to our newest technology.”

Visit a Light & Motion dealer to take advantage of the $400 discount through the Sola Pro Trade-in Program – the Sola Video Pro 9600 retails for $1599 and discount cannot be combined with any other offer.  Additional details and submission form can be found here.  Participants are also eligible to receive 20% discount on Sola Pro Air Kits – essentially transforming their 9600 into a topside lighting unit for the ultimate in professional versatility!

In addition to the trade-in incentive for professional-level content creators, Light & Motion is also offering a significant discount on the Sidekick Flood – an ultra-compact, rechargeable lighting solution for GoPro and other action camera setups to enhance underwater POV footage. The wide, 600 lumen beam is optimized to capture vivid video and still images with simple one-touch control and reliable, factory-sealed design. Sidekick Flood is the ideal light for divers who require power with minimal size and can now be purchased for $99.99 with the discount!

Key Features of the Sola Video Pro 9600

  • 9600 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • OLED Dashboard Display for monitoring settings, battery life, etc.
  • Powerful COB (Chip-on-Board) LEDs and enhanced firmware
  • Compatible With 5000 or 7000 Lumen Air Kits for Topside Use
  • Includes standard 1″ photo ball; 3/4″ Locline and YS mount also available
  • Dedicated travel safety lockout switch
  • Patented aluminum heat sink with water cooled flow path behind LED front plate
  • Fast charge the Li-ion battery completely in 1hr 45 min – 80% charged in 1hr
  • Low battery warning and auto heat-sensing shut-off to prevent damage.
  • Certified to withstand 1 meter drops on concrete for unmatched durability

About Light & Motion

Light & Motion – Beyond bright, we are Progressive, consistently delivering the most innovative, powerful, lightweight lights on the market. We are Certified, the first dive light brand meeting the rigorous ANSI-NEMA FL-1 testing protocol for all lighting products, thereby ensuring validity of all specifications. And we are Makers, the only lighting brand to build all our products in the USA. Light & Motion products come with a 2 year enhanced guarantee.  For more information contact Cortlen Hernandez  (