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KISS Sidewinder Sidemount CCR is a Real Game Changer- Order Yours Today at Cave Adventurers

Join the rebreather revolution with the revolutionary new KISS Sidewinder, the sidemount rebreather designed for optimal balance and trim inspired by a combat wounded Marine Corps veteran.  Based on a concept originally developed for Josh Hotaling, who took up diving as therapy, this latest innovation in rebreather  technology has taken stability and ease of use to a new level.

With the new Sidewinder the KISS team has built upon a long history of rebreather experience and innovation by working with one of the most noted innovators in sidemount diving to create the ideal sidemount rebreather. Edd Sorenson of Cave Adventurers in Marianna, Florida has tested prototypes and provided input throughout the design process to create a rebreather so stable and easy to use that diving legend Tom Mount of IANTD The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers says, “It’s a rebreather you could start diving on or you could do the most extreme technical diving with it equally as well.”

Working with a variety of sidemount equipment manufacturers Edd Sorenson has designed configurations of the Sidewinder to work with just about all the popular sidemount harnesses on the market.  No matter what brand of equipment you prefer, Edd can work with Mike Young and the KISS team to set you up. The Sidewinder can be used with the Dive Rite Nomad models, The Hollis SMS 75 and SMS 100, as well as the Katana and designs from other manufacturers.

Edd Sorenson and representatives from KISS Rebreathers will be at the upcoming National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section 2017 International Conference June 2nd and 3rd in Lake City Florida to show off the new game changing Sidewinder and will be offering demonstration dives that weekend.

For more information about the KISS Sidewinder, to order a unit, schedule a class, instructor training, or for a demonstration dive call Cave Adventurers in Marianna, Florida (850) 482-6016

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KISS Sidewinder specifications.

Visit the KISS Rebreathers website for more information


Depth rating: 300 fsw / 91 msw

Scrubber Type: bi-axial design

Scrubber Capacity: 6.2 lbs. with Molecular 797 Grade (812 Mesh) Sofnolime.

Max Counterlung Capacity: (Singular counterlung)

Weight: Complete with BOV, harness and wing (minus tank and sorb) 21-lbs. / 9.5 kg.