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IANTD Introduces IANTD Travel

IANTD is excited to announce a new benefit for all IANTD Professional Members and Facilities.  IANTD has partnered with Caribbean Dive Tours (CDT) a premier dive travel wholesaler and travel agency to make dive travel available to IANTD USA members and Facilities.  This association will provide IANTD USA members the ability to promoting scuba dive travel throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and Pacific.

“We are excited to continue to offer another exciting new benefit to our IANTD members and divers,” said Tom Mount CEO of IANTD.  Now all IANTD USA professional members and Facilities can capitalize on the expanding dive travel market. CDT will help you plan your trip to bring you the experience that you desire. CDT and IANTD Travel works well for all dive operations large and small.  Through IANTD Dive Travel you have access to diver destinations and dive liveaboards spanning every corner of the globe with Dedicated Dive travel staff that have over 40 years of combined Dive Travel experience in all aspects of scuba diving, from shallow reefs to deep Tri-Mix diving.  CDT knows how important each detail of your diving vacation is to you and will help you plan your trip to bring you the experience that you your customers desire.

“As wholesalers, CDT and IANTD Dive Travel supports our dive travel retailers and provide them with professional travel services as well as resources to support their own sales efforts.  We are so sure that you will see that CDT shares your passion for only the best to provide professional travel arrangements for your groups, individual customers, and special events.” Says David Burroughs, Director of Sales of Caribbean Dive Tours.   IANTD believes this personal attention is important when it comes to our clients’ dive travel arrangements whether is a quick trip to the Bahamas or an excursion to the Outback of Australia. Every trip should be the trip of a lifetime! Let CDT and IANTD experience help you create your perfect dive vacation. Now IANTD USA professional members and facilities can position themselves as a one-stop-shop for their dive customers.

With IANTD Dive Travel, you earn commissions on hotels, live-aboard and diving at the CDT destination partners.   IANTD Dive Travel is looking to assist you in building and growing a successful travel programs and providing a comprehensive range of services with custom built dive packages for groups of one to as many as you can sign up.

As an IANTD USA professional Members or Dive Facilities you and your divers no longer need to look anywhere else for the most comprehensive customer service in Dive Travel.

Let your adventure begin today!  Contact IANTD Dive Travel by email at Travel@iantd.com  or chose option 6 when you call IANTD HQ.  The dedicated dive travel staff can be contacted directly by calling the IANTD Dive Travel Phone number at (386) 487-6096.

For additional information or if you have any questions call IANTD HQ at (386)-438-8312 x2