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HSA at DEMA Show: Instructor Training You Can Trust

HSA Course Director Mark Rausch and HSA Diver Chuck Kays staffed the HSA Booth at DEMA 2017. They spent 4 days explaining how to become an HSA Instructor, Dive Buddy or Supporting Member. This year alone Mark has trained and certified HSA Scuba Instructors in Jamaica, Palau and Greece! Chuck, a veteran with disabilities, started and operates Veterans Adaptive Sports in Juniper Florida, as well as volunteering for Veterans Ocean Adventures and Aquanauts Adaptive Aquatics.

Created by Instructors & Divers with Disabilities

Over 4,000 Instructors & Over 3,000 Dive Buddies Trained & Certified

The HSA Instructor & Dive Buddy courses have been taught Worldwide for over 30 years. We have Trained and Certified the very best Scuba Diving Professionals and Divers in the World, including many health care professionals and more than 50 Medical Doctors! In the process the HSA has developed the most reliable training and reference materials in the diving industry.

Often mimicked but never duplicated the HSA Instructor Training Course (ITC) & Dive Buddy Course (DBC) are designed to be taught separately or together. The ITC is open to Instructors & Dive Masters, and the DBC is open to Open Water Scuba Divers. Join us for an unparalleled educational experience!

We offer a 3 day intensive Instructor Training Course and/or Dive Buddy Course:

1. Lectures (10 hours) covering 12 disability types, adjustment to a disability, PTSD, equipment, accessibility issues, HSA Performance Requirements and much more.

  • Lectures are conducted using the HSA ITC or DBC Power Point Presentation.
  • Both Power Point Presentations come with a complete syllabus for easy planning.
  • All HSA Courses are conducted LIVE, with instructors there to answer questions and share knowledge immediately during training.

2.Confined Water (5 hours), you will have your legs tied to simulate paraplegia & quadriplegia, and wear a blacked out mask to simulate blindness. You will learn new skills for diving & solving problems as a para, quad, right arm amputee & blind diver.

3. Open Water (4 hours), you will be in a team of three, an Instructor (or Dive Buddy Team leader), a paraplegic diver and a blind diver. The Instructor/Team leader organizes the dive and takes the divers simulating disabilities on a short dive. You will learn new logistical skills.

4. Exam, 2 hours open book/open discussion with no 100% right or wrong answers. This unique testing method was developed in 1986 along with the Instructor Training Course. The purpose is to engage the students and instructors in lively discussions revealing many unanswered questions and new perspectives on the subject of disabilities, diving and travel.

For more details about the HSA, visit the website: http://hsascuba.com/