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FIRST DIVE Insurance Coverage Available to ALL Dive Professionals Regardless of Agency Affiliation

The most COMPREHENSIVE and FLEXIBLE Industry Insurance Program – FIRST DIVE – is now available to any dive professional regardless of training agency affiliation. 

Are you a Dive Retailer, Dive Charter Vessel Operator, Dive Equipment Manufacturer or individual Dive Leader?  Then you owe it to yourself to check out our options and value. Individual policies created just for you and your business. You get your own policy (no shared limits or group restrictions) with the limits you need for real protection ($2,000,000 primary liability limit with options to $10 million). Why carry a $1 million limit for the same price when it will not save your business from the big one when it happens!

Are you a Retail Insurance broker? We also wholesale to licensed brokers and are the one stop source of proper coverage for all your Dive Industry customers

Visit us for more information:  http://www.owlunderwriting.com/firstdive/index.html